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  • Heal your Mind, heal your Soul
  • Reconnect with your creative flow of receive answers about your life's path, health issues, psychological issues, relationships, addiction.
  • Release stuck emotions, karma and self-judgments process and overcome trauma
  • Relief from physical complaints
  • Find peace from stress, burn out, addiction, depression and anxiety
  • Transform old limiting beliefs into a more loving attitude towards life
  • Allow for a greater sense of freedom and increased self-acceptance


Your life is only ever as happy as your relationships.
Your relationship with yourself is The Most Important.
See your relationships as your greatest joy.
Get very clear about your ultimate relationships.

Discover how to energetically amplify these relationships:

  • Certainty - The need for stability, safety, and comfort
  • Variety - The need for stimulus and change
  • Significance - The need to be special and worthy of attention
  • Connection and Love - The need to feel connected and that you belong
  • Growth - The need to learn and expand your abilities
  • Contribution - The need to give to others without expecting anything back

All people, men and women, usually need more love and reassurance than their social and personal partners realize. Learn to really know, how to be effectively loving and reassuring. When people understand each other, their love comes from a genuine, believable place. So it’s cruical to understand others point of view.


Discover physical and energetic aspects of healing and longevity.
Receive simple healing strategies through nutrition.
Learn about excellent organic, biodynamic, wild food nutrition for a healthy digestive tract.
An effective diet is an effective immune system.

The better you understand, live and consume real nourishing foods over time, the more extraordinary levels of health and well being you will experience in your life. The purpose is to understand what real food is and is not; to gain the edge that will provide abundant health and longevity. The more you completely understand and imbibe this knowledge and greatly improve your health, the deeper and more complete the transformation will be.

Results you can expect by incorporating the 90 day transformational wellness program:

  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Improved immune function
  • Radical improvement of candida symptoms
  • Improvement of calcification conditions
  • Elimination of free radicals and free radical cell damage
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved physical endurance and strength building capabilities
  • Improved mineralization of bones, teeth, skin, nails and hair
  • Balancing of metabolism and thyroid function
  • Purification of the entire blood system
  • Healthy weight loss and long-term weight maintenance
  • Total body alkalization and balancing of pH for optimal cell function
  • Relief from nasal congestion and environmentally caused allergies
  • Better balance of hormone levels/ improvements in the endocrine system
  • Reduction of painful PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • Improved regeneration and recovery from injury
  • Increases in the range of motion of major joints and muscles
  • Reversal of aging symptoms/ restoration of longevity
  • Cleansing of mucus, congestion, fermentation and inflammation
  • Improvement in heart rate variability
  • Improvement and normalization and cortisol levels
  • Regeneration of healthy cells
  • Improvements and eventual elimination of aches and pains
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Incremental improvements in memory
  • Bone density improvements
  • Far greater moments of feeling personally complete and very well


The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi and qigong, combines slow deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. Both are at the base of Martial Science and do much to help restore your energy through low impact moving meditations requiring strength and balancing. They are excellent fitness activities for beginners and elite athletes. The postures typically flow together without pause making qigong and tai chi look like slow, graceful dances that keep your body in constant motion.

Research shows many physical and psychological benefits. By channeling qi through your body’s energy meridians, you improve your overall health and well-being. Specifically many studies show beneficial stimulation of the central nervous system, lower blood pressure, stress relief, building and toning muscles, and great improvements with digestion and waste elimination.

You can expect to achieve these additional results from this Qigong program, and medical research shows nearly 100 health issues for which Qigong is helpful but some of the strongest evidence supports the following:

  • Improvement in conditions relating to pain and fatigue
  • Greater lung and cardiovascular functions
  • Quick development of balance and coordination
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Enhancement of the immune functions


I love wheatgrass shots, but when I can’t get them I make a shake with vitamineral green. David was my personal coach for over 4 months and the Superfoods made a huge difference in my performance, trimming off 8 pounds was easy and I don’t have to even think about gaining any of it back. When I think about the difference between GMO foods and real nutritious Superfoods it still just blows my mind, Yippie! I feel great!
Cat Wilson
Santa Cruz Ca
Back in January 2016 I was a disaster waiting to happen. When I met David I couldn’t believe the difference in performance between us. I told him I didn’t know what he was doing but I wanted to be a part of it right now. In less than three months two different blood tests proved perfect blood pressure, and all other results to be that of a man 15 years younger than me. Every bodily problem I had previously experienced completely disappeared and I was back on track to competing in my next marathon. I could go on and on about the X02 LIFE program, I am a believer.
Jay Baggett
Fort Smith AK
My profession requires me to stay in shape and not just be fit but to remain youthful looking. A plant-based diet and plant proteins have boosted my personal athletic and Tantric performance like I could never have imagined. Thanks dude, your stuff is the bomb.
Anton Bauer
Los Angeles Ca
I took the red pill as early as 2003, but didn’t really start juicing until 2012. Once I started feeling the beneficial body and mind affects of an increasing plant-based diet, and the amazing effective Superfoods I was hooked. The XO2 LIFE program has helped greatly to continue my journey and keep me grounded in an organic and sustainable lifestyle. As an international travel blogger the portability of Superfoods and ease of making the meals has helped me greatly on my busy travels.
Suzanne Daley
San Francisco Ca
I am a professional stone sculptor and artist, so I’m on my feet a lot, and I expend a lot of physical energy during the day. I have found the XO2 LIFE Superfoods to be nothing short of simply amazing. I decided it was time to cut back a little bit and improve the quality of my life, and that included losing 20 pounds and getting better nutrition. In all my research I have not found a product that is of higher quality, simply put Vitamineral green has change my life.
Steve Lustig
Huntington Beach Ca
I’m involved in the private protection business, so I’m generally quite athletic. I’m not as big as the guys are, but since I got into Superfoods my self-esteem and definitely my power has improved tremendously. Thanks for taking me Green David, I’ll never go back.
Cat Warren
Los Angeles CA
I have only met Mr. Becket April 2017, and I thought I was in pretty decent shape. Our meeting together was a blessing in disguise, and when I got home I realized I should probably call him back because I had a lot of questions. Basically in the next two weeks I was blown away at what I was learning and how I was feeling. He speaks from the heart and I now have my new energy drink and coffee, VitaMineral Green. I’ve switched over to the entire X02 LIFE program, and have been feeling nothing short of super natural! My wife is due in a few months and she has started the program as well for the benefit of the baby.
Doug Hill
Palm Desert CA
I consider myself a pretty solid guy, but since I started expanding my plant-based program including plant-based protein, I can’t quite explain it but I really just feel great all over. Little things that bothered my body I thought were normal, but not anymore, I’ve come to realize that the quality of your nutrition makes a tremendous difference in how you perform and how you think. I’m a superfood freak!
Jason Trask
Simi Valley CA
Thanks for opening my eyes, the X02 LIFE program has radically changed my view about what real food is. The difference between somewhat effective and VERY effective has made me a believer.
Ross McCullen
Lake Forest CA

About the Transformation

Over the last decade, David Becket has coached many people in making a massive shifts in their character, careers, communications, leadership and general well-being in life.

Since experiencing a radical transformation from 1986 to 1992, David has dedicated his life to helping those who wish to transform themselves out of sickness into optimal wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

Taking a pragmatically unconventional approach towards demonstrating, how making small modifications in a persons thinking, can yield massive results in their day-to-day lives. Using the disciplines of Quantum/ Metaphysical Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching. Also living a full–spectrum lifestyle including organic and raw Superfoods, pure crystalline structured water and a deeply conscious thought process, we change behavior, and create lasting change for ourselves.

David’s experiences and expertise in leading performance events including outdoor survival adventures, martial sciences, and Qigong keep him mentally and physically in tune, but his real passion is devoted to the discovery and teaching of spiritual metaphysical principles of health and healing.

David’s background includes an extensive study of the spiritual, metaphysical import of sacred scriptures and its relationship to our direct mental, physical performance and healing. With an academic, and professional background in architecture, art, engineering and finance, David is well-versed in the challenges of transforming our busy human lives into unique and deeply profound experiences.

Living a full-spectrum lifestyle including organic and raw superfoods, pure crystaline water and a conscious thought process, we change behavior, and create lasting change for you.The best part is, the XO2 Life plan makes this journey faster and easier. The foods and drinks are absolutely DELICIOUS! For more exciting tips on reaching your transformational goals, you can follow David and the thousands making this amazing journey. Will you be next?

David's "90 Day - Mind & Body Transformation Program" includes to be considered. Available at

  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Nutrition & Superfoods
  • 3- Strategic Relationships
  • 4- Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy & Life Regressions

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